It is imperative for Life Sciences companies to move from the typical decentralized Global Validation Governance to a centralized strategy as pressures mount on the competitive landscape.


  • Organization for (SQA, Leads, Managers) CSV resources is structured within different reporting structures
  • Requires following multiple processes depending on business unit
  • Requires staff to train on multiple processes
  • Difficult to improve processes
  • Managing multiple processes creates overhead and risk
  • Increases planning effort
  • Inconsistent approach across organization may increase risk


  • Organization for (SQA, Leads, Managers) CSV resources is within the same reporting structure
  • Follow a single process across the organization
  • Increases feedback loops for process optimization
  • Allows systematic approach to be implemented which is consistent
  • Reduces effort for planning of validation
  • Increases communication
  • Consistent approach across organization mitigates compliance risk

Our Goals

Manage and navigate the global regulatory compliance landscape

Reduce overall costs

Increase efficiency and utilization factors

Maintain compliance and sustainability

Manage and utilize software validation best practices